"Oh hey! Look!" She exclaimed, quickly running away from him "What’s this?" she inquired casually as they came across this small, abandoned greenhouse in the middle of their adventure in the woods."It doesn’t look like anyone has used this in years!" he replied. Slowly, and carefully he tugged on the handle of the door and discovered it was easily opened. They took step by gentle step into this wonderful, enchanting place and looked gingerly around. There were no flowers, no small aspect of colourful beauty. The only life was the wild vegetation growing through seamless cracks in the glass of the ceiling and walls. This greenhouse had been completely consumed by the vines of wildlife over the course of many years. It had been laying here desolate for god-knows how long, waiting for someone like them to put purpose to it once again.He looked up, the sun was peeking shyly behind some leaves on the ceiling and left it’s handy patchwork of light on the table in the middle of the room. “Come here!” he said as he swiftly climbed onto the dirty old table. He turned extended his hand and helped his fellow mate up. Then he just sat down in the pile of soft, powdery dirt and closed his eyes."You feel that?""What?""The peace?" he put simply. He inhaled the smell of moist soil and rusted metal and continued to sit in grateful silence.She sat down with her back against his and stuffed her hands inside her pockets. “I guess so” She replied, looking up at the broken dirty ceiling. A gapping hole of shattered glass in the ceiling let through a visionary of dark, ominous clouds that quickly muted the sun’s light. It was going to rain soon and they just continued to sit there. In the seemingly peaceful opacity of life, surrounded by something only nature could recreate.
my favorite flower :D